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Human Rights Law Centre needs your help!

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a lunch with Hugh de Kretser, the Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre, and his colleagues to debrief some of the work they have done this year.

I do not envy people the challenge of turning the nebulous (what does ‘human rights’ mean?) into runs on the board.  For those not familiar with the HRLC, this is an organisation which advocates on important issues, and keeps our Australian government accountable by testing some of their policies – which impact on people’s human rights – in places such as the High Court.  Please see their Annual Report for further information about their activities.

This week, the HRLC is having an important funding drive.  Sponsors match the amount you donate, and they have committed to a particular target.  However, that target is not yet reached.

Information on the appeal is here, including a status chart showing how much more money is needed.

If you would like to donate, here is the relevant webpage.

Otherwise, if the work of the HRLC interests you, but you do not have money to donate, please let others know about the campaign.

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